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Receive the benefits of the Film Investor Experience, a bespoke film experience during production alongside having the onscreen title of EXECUTIVE PRODUCER or ASSOCIATED PRODUCER, also receive a competitive rate of return with an upscale on the back-end profit share over 24 months. Another Tomorrow is currently securely invested with Eileses Capital - San Francisco providing the financial backbone. Eileses Capital currently owns the IP of the Development Phase.


Final Draft Script 

Script Testing Assessment Report, US/CA/UK/SA/GER 

Script Editing from L.A.

Synopsis & Overview

Production Budget

Production Schedule

Distribution Plan 

Director's Treatment

Film Storyboard

Strategic Market Analysis

Production Stakeholders

Casting Brief to Global Agents 

Above-The-Line Crew 


The Development phase is complete, and we are aiming to go into pre-production beginning July 2021 with production commencing with the Icelandic & New York scenes in October and the Stellenbosch and Western Cape coastal scenes during November 2021. Post Production will commence in January 2022 with final film release date set for May 2022 in the US. 




$32 500 p/unit mim. Loan amount to the film.

32 units (film points/shares) available.


Initial capital return of 100%.

+ 5% p/annum growth on capital invested.

+ Potential upside on the loan of approximately 10%.     

   This yield is based upon the film's overall performance.             

Return = 20% over 24 months 


Over & above the financial reward, you will also be part of the complete movie making experience with VIP experiences & VIP access. 

The Executive Producer status is the highest tier of accreditation on any film, you have provided the financial cornerstone to make the movie and so become part of the movie's back-end profit gain. The Associated Producer tier offers you assisted financial accreditation, including back-end profit gain. Highest unit investor/s can also take advantage to leverage their brand/s by Product Placement & Co-Production Marketing as part of the investment, this secures advertising with a measurable ROI.

No less than 10 units 
Less than 10 units 

INVESTMENT ENQUIRIES contact - Mark Bell (EP). 


+27 604393694


595 Market Street, Suite 2430, San Francisco, CA 94105
(+1) 628 888 2500


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Most audiences don’t mind product placement in films if it is a natural fit to what they are watching, a glance at a watch, driving a car, working on a laptop, answering a phone call, wearing branded clothing etc.


Access a platform of over 150 million viewers on streaming services with a 80% cheaper TV advertising spend and a 30-40% higher hit rate in a natural setting. Films, unlike digital or TV ads have a captive audience and therefor product engagement becomes more powerful, it is not only believable but also subtle enough that the viewer doesn't feel sold too. 


Another Tomorrow offers Co-promotional Marketing and Product Placement opportunities to brands wanting to be associated with the universal theme of destination & travel, food & wine, love, courage and hope all set on the backdrop of New York City, the Stellenbosch Winelands & Iceland.


The film premise is best suited to the mid-level & luxury market steered to a professional female viewer between the ages of 25-40 (Millennial). Aspirational, inspiring, strong, courageous woman of all ethnicity standing together and forging their own narrative.

Product placement opportunities start from $25 000.00 - $200 000.00 depending on the brand, (car placement is higher than drinks placement). Higher fee rate will also be dependant on writing the brand into the storyline, the shot length and the amount times the brand/product appears in the film. Co-promotional marketing joint ventures will be based on how both parties i.e. the film and the brand can collaboratively leverage digital exposure for maximum audience reach.


Another Tomorrow will mainly receive majority revenue from Streamers through a licence agreement across USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Scandinavia, Australia & Southern Africa. The film will also globally be licenced to TV Networks in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, UK etc. Ancillary revenue will be derived from, SVOD, VOD, PTV, hotels, airlines, cruises etc.  

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